NetZoom Visio Add-In


The NetZoom Visio Add-In is available to users with a Visio Stencils Or a NetZoom DCIM subscription, with a unique interface depending on the product.


The NetZoom Visio Add-in is a powerful tool that enables seamless and convenient integration of NetZoom’s equipment library with Microsoft Visio, so you can save time developing high-quality diagrams. Whether it is a single rack or an entire data center, the NetZoom Visio Add-in provides the tools to create sophisticated network designs and documentation quickly and easily.

The NetZoom Visio Add-in has two unique interfaces based on your product:

  • NetZoom Visio Stencils users will see an easy search interface to access their Library of shapes so they can drag and drop the shapes directly into Microsoft Visio.
  • NetZoom DCIM users will be able to access their live sites and Inventory devices. The NetZoom Visio Add-in will automatically detect which product you have based on the subscription number you enter upon installation.

The NetZoom Visio Add-in can be launched as an application from the desktop or Start Menu OR launched in integrated mode from within Microsoft Visio.


Last Updated: Friday, September 07, 2018

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